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Our organization strives to provide personal reviews- not regurgitated media or advertising. Our goal is through our own personal media/pictures, personal prospective and experiences we can bring a review blog that helps the average consumer decide if a product is worth it. There are dozens of beauty blogs created by licensed makeup artists, cosmetic company owners and more- however the “consumer” is getting lost in these. Is it financially worth it when you consider ingredients, volume and performance. That is our goal to accomplish. We hope we can be the site that fills that gap for today’s consumers.

Kiss Me (LiveGlam.co) Lippies Review 

We used these for two months, did we love them or hate them?

Kiss Me
Are they worth it or just another subscription company ?

Makeup Revolution Foundation Sticks Review

We purchased one as a foundation and one as a contour stick- did we fall in love or wish for more?

Did we love or pass on these?
Makeup Revolution-Foundation? Contour Stick? Do they work? Are they a great low priced option?

Hanalei Lip Treatment (Rose) Review

Ipsy gave us our first “taste of this” but is it our holy grail? What made us restock?

Hanalei Lip Treatment
Ipsy introduced us to this but what made us restock?