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Our Approach

Beauty reviews are sometimes difficult to tell if you are reading a paid or biased review. However, that is where we differ, we do not offer “paid for good” reviews, it is our supreme goal to offer honest reviews that allow any person to get a review with review points that apply to the everyday woman.

Our Story

My obsession with makeup can be tracked to when I was under seven, my Aunt ten years older would let me play in her makeup. The first brand I remember loving was Cover Girl with their Noxema scented products.

As I aged I went and had make-overs to learn skills from artists, which has served me in the long run as I don’t typically find products out of my skill range.

With the invention of Social Media and sites such as YouTube I have been able to take my talents even further. YouTube has been a great asset to beauty lovers everywhere from learning to do new skills to learning tips/tricks and more.

Now, in turning forty this year, I want to offer reviews that are useful to all women, experts or novices, young or aging like fine wine, or even multiple ethnic backgrounds. I want to offer reviews through the eyes of a consumer not just a make up lover.

My passion for makeup and beauty products only seems to increase with each year- with subscription services and stores such as Sephora and Ulta.  These stores offer many brands, staff with patience as well as skills that were not found anywhere else but the department stores prior. These stores offer discounts, memberships and more that allow beauty lovers to expand their beauty product lines with little guilt.

I receive many beauty subscriptions as well as purchase a large amount of makeup each month. Due to this overload of products, it seemed like the next step to review and increase public knowledge of amazing products.. or let my readers know which products did not work for me. Some products are just undesirable results-but yet others work amazing for someone else even if it did not for me…

Our goal is to review each product honestly, but there have been few products in my experience that were just plain horrible. Typically it’s a product that works but is not my favorite or not for my skin type etc.

Brands today invest so much in testing and pre-release trials that it is uncommon for a product to be terrible… but as with anything we all have our preferences and there are exceptions to this rule of course.

Meet the Team

Currently we have a small dedicated staff – please check back for more information about us as we grow!

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