Changing my spending ways….How to Succeed at my No Buy/Low Buy

Changing my spending ways….How to Succeed at my No Buy/Low Buy

I have began a journey to correct my spending- to save more and most of all to resist temptation.

(If I am honest) I knew that I had been spending a lot but had no idea the totals..

(Again if I am honest),I did not want to know what I was spending.

At that point I would have to change my behavior and hold myself accountable.

Now that I have started that journey, including self accountability, I am looking for ways to be more successful. My steps so far has been:

  1. NO buy for April, May and most likely June to catch up on the spending…If I stick to it-and spend zero in those months then I can possibly buy a few things in my low buy category later in the summer.
  2. Kept track & added up all my spending (regardless of category)- because I spent a little here and little there it did NOT seem like my totals were that big. That is going to be my big accountability action.
  3. Set Goals for both product use up (#TeamProjectPan) as well as resisting. I am a goals orientated person so it helps me.
  4. I am looking more closely at the marketing techniques brands are using. From claims it will make you “beautiful” to the limited edition gimmick that nearly every brand does.

Recently, while strolling through Target  – I went to peruse the makeup department knowing I could not buy anything… I did not even make it down one aisle.

I had just finished my inventory of my collection and every product I looked at my mind went

“Ok I have X number of those… I DO not need them”.

Which is probably a first for me in a very long time. I actually spotted an amazing drool worthy lipstick that I initially was drawn to then I remembered I had 73 Liquid Lipsticks in my collection. (give or take as I always have some in purses, bags etc.)  If I used them all in a row every single one they would only get five uses per year. Which when you think about per use value that is horrible. Even Colourpop at $6.00- 5 times a year is $1.20 per use, but I have Jeffree Star Lips, Dose of Colors and Mac. Lets say we average them at $20 a piece (they vary from $16-26 roughly depending on brand, line etc).

That comes out to $4 a use, that is not only a true waste of money but it makes me sick. I will be weeding out what I have never used- donating/giving away. Anything left I am going to start panning a few at a time until I put a dent in them.

I, also am evaluating what products I have in my collection. Did I buy it because I needed it, wanted it or advertising campaigns told me I should. How many bronzers or highlighters do I really need to have an “adequate” collection for my needs… (Not many I promise you, Highlighters last FOREVER.)

What are you doing to combat consumerism, to be better with your money and use up your products? I would love to hear from you!

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