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Our review process is not traditional. We nearly always review for minimum one week but usually two.

We have more than one reviewer of most products and we try to have our reviewers vary in age, social sector, skill level and background.

If you are interested in doing reviews for us please send us an email at


What do we look for when we review a product?

We look for ease of use- do you need to be a MUA to use this product, do you need to have a bit of experience or can a completely inexperienced individual use this?

This is one rating symbol we use in our reviews- this one means “New makeup users can use without issue.” These ratings do go 1-5 meaning 1-easy to use and 5-expert or near expert skills needed to use.

We also rate on value- the price vs quality vs quantity/size.

Scent and strength of it is not something that we feel is discussed often today in reviews unless it’s a negative or bad scent. However, with more people sensitive to scent every day it’s an important point to make in a review.

What characteristics are important to your reviews?

Ingredients are important, cost- is it affordable, is it a value with the size and scents. Allergies are more prevalent then they have ever been in the past, so these ingredients are very important.


Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions by email 24/7/365 however phone is on a return call basis only as we do have other obligations. Email is the fastest way to reach us.

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