Influenster VoxBox Apothecare Essentials

Below is a video of my first impressions however this is a more detailed review. The 100% issue with this is the scent. I will detail more below.

These are a three step skin care from Apothecare Essentials

Useability: Anyone could use these especially the serum and lotion, however the cleanser takes a lot more effort. I always use a cleansing balm or oil before actually using any cleanser (to remove makeup). Yet despite that step I was not able to get my face clean as I would like. In fact, when I used micellar water and toner BOTH showed makeup on my cotton… When I use my Farmacy cleanser I never have remnants left. The Serum and Lotion are very moisturizing if it were not for my next criticism (below) I would absolutely use these.

Scent: This literally has such a strong scent (all three but in particular the serum and lotion). I unfortunately get a migraine every single time I use it. Now to be transparent I do get migraines- however scents are not usually a trigger. Also, if this was not for my face and the scent was the same type/similar scent but just not so strong, I would use this brand.

Price: The Cleanser is $15 (3.6 ounces), the Serum $29 (1 ounce) and the Lotion $20 (1.6 ounces)- these are not ridiculous priced for the product type they are. However, I cannot even attempt to spend that on a product with scent this strong. Due to what I mentioned above in regards to the cleanser I would not purchase this either way.


I received all three free to try from Influenster. Influenster is a review website that also mails their “VoxBoxes” to members of their site that are active in reviews and comments.

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