March 2019 IPSY Glam Bag Reveal is UP! Plus Extra Products!

March 2019 IPSY Glam Bag Reveal is UP! Plus Extra Products!

I have been an Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber this go around since January 2018- (I had subscribed and unsubscribed from Ipsy and Birch Box many times in the past- never keeping it consistently).
Over the past two years (with the last six months receiving two different bags) I have seen a dramatic increase in the quality and popularity of the products they are including. They often included new, indy or relatively unknown brands. This is not a complaint I found so many brands I had never been exposed to this way.
However, last year at least in the first part of the year it seemed like at least two to three of the products were not for me.
That all changed last fall, every bag was better and better. Not to say I did not get an off product but it was one not a few. I never expected this service to be perfect.
February 2019 was a GREAT Ipsy Month! I loved nearly everything I received in both bags!
Fast forward to Today- March 2nd, 2019- Ipsy’s regularly scheduled bag reveal… I logged in and WAS BLOWN AWAY!
First is my bag that is specifically to my personal survey (my 2nd account is not).
I added three add ons to each bag- for this bag I added:
In our second bag- which is well at best similar and very different to me. I have it as my skin tone and makeup/skin care preferences for types of products desired.
In that second bag we received another round of absolutely awesome products:
For my Add ons:
Yes, Yes I bought two of my favorite cream Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream… I am not even out of my supply yet… BUT I had to get more!
We receive quite a few subscription boxes per month and many are getting better every month.
I did include a video of my February unboxing below.
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