No Buy, Low Buy, and Project Pan

No Buy, Low Buy, and Project Pan

It is not easy to admit negative things about yourself-especially when that behavior brings you temporary joy.
However,recently I was forced to face the fact that I was severely over spending…
If I continued it would be detrimental to me, my financial health and my family.
It is imperative that we are honest with ourselves about our actions.  When we become aware of your own behaviors the more likely you will make the effort to change.
My change started when I realized how ridiculous strong urges I had to purchase so many beauty new releases. If you follow the makeup industry that happens literally every day.
Simultaneously, family started commenting on exactly how much makeup I really owned.  It caused me to really stop and evaluate my habits, my needs and actions.
While I have a pretty amazing job money is not endless and limitations are needed to thrive in this world.
I sat back and looked at my behavior and it was definitely bordering a shopping addiction- the urges to purchase were definitely driving my behavior- but that is not anyone’s fault but my own.
Once I began to become aware of my behavior including through processes regarding purchasing, purchase history and more I decided to do a no/low buy for 2019.
I actually started this change to a no buy/low buy (depending on category) before I added up my spending… However, If I am again honest with myself (and you) I was failing horribly…
My No/Low buy was created around 2/10/19- then modified in late March after I started my inventory to move more to the no buy category:

I was not taking this goal or this change seriously- it was really something to make me feel like I was doing better.  Yet at the same exact time I was scheming to cheat the no buy or just ignoring it completely.
It was not until I was filming my “no buy” intro video last weekend- (going live today 4/4/2019). I guessed while filming that I had spent $300 in January, $300 in Feb and $150 in March… Still WAY out of my no buy range for the last two.. But not anywhere near reality.
While filming I stated I would post the actual totals vs my estimates in the description box. When I totaled them up I almost threw up.

My totals were:

January: $1473 (Prior to No buy/Low buy start)
February: $1457 (No/Low Buy started 2/10/19)
March: $465
April (4 days in):  ZERO
It is very humiliating to share this, however to have accountability and transparency I am hoping will help me on my journey.
I will be updating my progress here as well as on YouTube with Monthly spending updates. I am also doing a large declutter as my daughter who lives out of state would love and appreciate things that if I am honest don’t really work for me or would get better use with her. (Technically she is my Step daughter but we don’t do “step” in our family- they are just our kids!! I also feel so honored to be any part of her family- she is an amazing person! She also gave us two grand sons that are a gift!)
Please join the discussion on my Instagram as well i am posting Inventory pictures as well as my goals to where I would like my collection to be.
Have you ever done a journey like this? Have you ever done something so personal in a public forum? I would love to hear your story!


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