Review of L’oreal Infallible Full wear concealer

Review of L’oreal Infallible Full wear concealer

L’oreal recently came out with quite a few products in the new Infallible line- including foundation and concealer.

The foundation quickly became a much talked about product on Youtube and other social media.

It is a breathable foundation that is claiming to last 24 hours…

I am currently testing this foundation (like as I write) for a wear test and will post my results soon!

The results look beautiful with this foundation- however I am not sure how the breathable format will wear.

However, the concealer I have tried multiple times and my view on it’s performance is as follows:

  • Scent – Unfortunatey this concealer and it’s matching new foundation if we are honest have a VERY strong scent- perfume/hairspray combo.
The scent nearly impossible to ignore in my honest opinion.
The Concealer- being where it is and the scent being a bit lighter, the scent diminishes faster.
  • Ease of Use- On initial try it works and performs relatively easy.
Depending on what your foundation under it is or other products with it then it can be a real struggle to get beautiful.
In fact with it’s sister foundation it looks caked and did not cover our dark circles.
Then if we used a color corrector underneath it really looks caked up and horrible.
  • Value- The average price we found (and paid) is $10.99 for .38 Ounces.
This is not one of the lower end drug store products in fact on of the most expensive value products we found.
For comparison- Tarte Shape Tape is .34 ounces and it $27 so it is not on par with high end brands for expense.


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