Makeup Revolution Foundation Sticks Review

Makeup Revolution Foundation Sticks Review

Makeup Revolution foundation sticks are an affordable option for that that it works well for (one of the best in regards to affordability.

We purchased one as a foundation and one as a contouring stick to sample. The price point is Five stars but the performance as a foundation was less than desirable. However, as a contour stick it blended great, looked seamless and definitely worth the value.

Did we love or pass on these?



Price: This product is very affordable at $9 USD these are price accommodating for explorers. Overall Makeup Revolution is an affordable brand with pretty amazing products. If you love makeup but prefer to save coin this is a great option.
Scent: While this has a scent it is not very strong and should not bother most. (it should be noted few brands in the marketplace today have zero scent so some scent should be expected in generally all products.)
Usability: While we would not say this product is overtly difficult to use as a foundation (though we did not love it) learning to use cream contours can be an initial challenge. As a foundation it is not as easy to blend and can look cakey very easily so it may be smart to work with a few times before using to go out etc.
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