ScentBird Perfume Subscription Box

ScentBird Perfume Subscription Box

ScentBird Subscription service lets you try middle to high end perfumes (and cologne for men) with little investment. I personally own way to many perfumes and will likely never use them all to empty. (Although I am currently do a Pan Challenge on these to see if I can use up some older ones.)

ScentBird costs $14.95 per month for one.

Your first month you get a nifty carrying case for storage.

Each subsequent month you receive the sample, it is described as a 30 day supply.  These have generous amounts so for most people it will last longer.

These arrive in a cardboard cylinder to store each new scent.

I received One the first month (with dispenser), one the second month. However, I was so excited I ended up upgrading to two a month for the third month. Additional travel cases are available for order from ScentBird.

If I were to rate this service:

Value: Personally $14.95 for a 30+ day supply is very affordable. I did give it a two on this scale as it’s over $10,that is the typical threshold I use.

Ease of Use: These take no skill or understanding to use- perfectly self explanatory however the dispenser that is interchangeable makes it even easier.

Scent: I obviously gave this the highest as depending on your selection it could be very scented. Some of my choices are VERY overpowering and need to used in moderation. That being said all Perfumes/Colognes have a scent. if you are sensitive its best to avoid all together.

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