September Boxycharm Regular Box 2019

September Boxycharm Regular Box 2019


A bit late but here is our review of the September 2018 BoxyCharm (Regular) Box.

There were Five-ish products in it- Pretty vulgar Nightingale Palette, Girlactik Creme highlighter, Alamar Brush set, Lucious Eyeshadow base, and Violet Voss Lipstick.

The Palette alone pays for the boxes price of $21.99 So I have no issue with the box or it’s contents. Overall I was very pleased.

See below for reviews of the products specifically.




Useability- All the products are relatively easy to use, with exception of the creme highlighter, it takes some practice to not smear or smudge underlying makeup. it helps to apply before any powder products but after foundation. This neutral palette (Nightingale) is great especially if you like neutrals. Also it blends great!

Perfume- none of the products have a very heavy scent but the lipstick has a minor.

Price- An absolutely awesome value- Boxycharm is $21.99, the Nightingale palette by Pretty Vulgar is $35 on it’s own.

Hypoallergenic- All of the products are hypoallergenic

Cruelty Free- All the products are cruelty free.

Gluten Free- I have confirmed that Girlactik is Gluten free, however I have not for other brands. This is not a claim it does include it just stating it has not been confirmed.


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